Body odor is a general term for what happens to seat and other skin secretions when they are acted upon by naturally occurring bacteria. Want to know more? Learn to why bodies get stinky in this TED-Ed biology lesson by Mel Rosenberg.

Have you ever wondered what makes a bee buzz? Don’t fall off your chair but its the wings that makes it buzz. When an insect flies, the size of its wings and the speed of their flapping affect the sound they make. Small wings push against less air than big […]

BTS is the English name based on their Korean name, Bangtan Sonyeondan, which translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”. It’s quite a high-flown title and reminded me of something like “Fullmetal Alchemist” at first. As they’ve explained in a few interviews, they chose this name because their music is meant to […]

Yes—vampire bats, which live in Central and South America, drink only blood. But not to worry! They are are nothing like the fictional vampires in stories and cartoons! A vampire bat will approach an animal, like a chicken or a sleeping cow. Each one has a different taste! With heat […]

Quick! Name an American more famous than George Washington. It’s tough! Just about everyone knows that he served as our nation’s first president. But other things about him might surprise you. Here are five “secrets” we uncovered on a recent visit to Mount Vernon, Washington’s Virginia home. 1. He didn’t […]

Have you seen an insect on a Zebra? No. Why? Tim Caro, a biologist at the University of California, Davis, believes it has to do with the zebra’s stripes. “We grow up learning pandas are black and white, leopards are spotted, and zebras are striped,” says Caro. “But not enough […]

Children face pressure from a multitude of different directions in their lives and especially during the Exams. Beyond their own internal pressure of performing well, they are faced with peer pressure from classmates, pressure from their teachers and also from their family members. This doesn’t even take into account the […]

Can you even imagine skyscrapers being around if not for elevators? And apart from the ease and convenience to most people, elevators also make life easier for those with physical handicaps. Elevators are an innovation we’re so used to, that few of us ever pause to wonder how this box […]