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  • 100 Facts Rainforests1 coverpage

    100 Facts Rainforests


    100 Facts Rainforests presents the world’s rainforests in stunning detail for children aged 7+. Discover what makes these habitats so special and find out why they are disappearing and how people can help to conserve them. Exactly 100 facts accompanied by revealing photographs and detailed artwork will challenge children, acting as an incentive as they make their way through the book. Projects to make and do, amazing facts and hilarious cartoons add an extra element of fun. Add a detailed index, and 100 Facts is a perfect introduction to this fascinating topic.

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  • 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!)1 cover page

    5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!)


    Filled With Photographs, This Beautifully Designed Book Is Organized Into Two-Page Spreads That Each Focus On A Different Topic, Making It Easy And Fun To Read. –Redding.Compresenting The Next Must-Have, Fun-Filled Gift Book From The Team That Created Ultimate Weird But True, 5,000 Cool Facts About Everything Treats Kids To Brain Candy And Eye Candy All Rolled Into One Treasure Trove Of High-Interest Fascinating Facts.Lively And Information-Packed, This Book Is Literally Busting Its Covers With Fascinating, Fun-Tastic Facts On Super, Sensational Topics That Kids Love.

    Who Knew That There Were So Many Sweet Things To Learn About Chocolate Or That A Dozen Delicious Details About Peanut Butter Would Show Up On A Page With A Few Splotches Of Jelly To Whet Our Appetites? Keep Turning And A Terrifyingly Toothy Shark Tells You All About Himself, While Other Spreads Lay Out Tons Of Tips On Toys And Games, Mysteries Of History, Robots And Reptiles, Sports And Spies, Wacky Words, And So Much More A Visual Feast Of Colorful Photographs Surrounded By Swirling, Tipping, Expanding, And Climbing Bits Of Information In A High-Energy Design, This Book Will Satisfy Both The Casual Browser And The Truly Fact Obsessed.

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  • Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry Paperback – Large Print, 16 October 2019

    Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry


    From the basics of physics to big questions about the nature of space and time, celebrated astrophysicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson breaks down the mysteries of the cosmos into bite-sized pieces. Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry describes the fundamental rules and unknowns of our universe clearly and with Tyson’s characteristic wit, there’s a lot of fun thrown in, too. This adaptation by Gregory Mone includes full-color photos, infographics, and extra explanations to make even the trickiest concepts accessible. Building on the wonder inspired by outer space, Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry introduces an exciting field and the principles of scientific inquiry to young readers. Grades 9-12 Ages 4-7  Lexile HL570L

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  • Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids: 50+ Exciting Steam Projects to Design and Build Paperback – 28 May 2019

    Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids


    Spark creativity and curiosity with fun engineering activities for kids ages 5 to 10

    Watch your child’s eyes light up as they get excited about engineering, learn how things work, and have tons of fun. Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids is packed with more than 50 fascinating STEAM exercises, complete with step-by-step instructions, colorful pictures, and simple explanations of why the experiments work.

    This engaging book about engineering for kids includes:

    • Activities kids can do themselves–Make engineering for kids easy and fun with projects like toothpick towers and paper cup phones that use common, inexpensive household materials so they can play and learn anytime.
    • The power of STEAM–Lessons are based in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math to show kids how these things are everywhere, and help them become better problem solvers and logical thinkers.
    • The basics of engineering―Kids will learn all about engineering with a brief guide to the different types of engineers, an explanation of what they do, and what kids need to know to become one.

    Unlock the world of engineering for kids with exercises that help them learn, grow, and get creative.

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  • Coding for Kids: Python: Learn to Code with 50 Awesome Games and Activities Paperback – 19 March 2019

    Coding for Kids: Python


    Learning to code isn’t as hard as it sounds―you just have to get started! Coding for Kids: Python starts kids off right with 50 fun, interactive activities that teach them the basics of the Python programming language.

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  • Create Your Own Secret Language: Invent Codes, Ciphers, Hidden Messages, and More Paperback – Illustrated, 30 June 2020

    Create Your Own Secret Language


    From simple cyphers to entirely new alphabets, CREATE YOUR OWN SECRET LANGUAGE will help you master the skills of secret communication, whether it’s written, drawn, or spoken. By the time your finished reading, you’ll be able to share messages memora vosak laz vos otihoe vosecchi! (“that no one will be able to understand!”)

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  • Everything You Need to Ace Computer Science1 cover page

    Everything You Need to Ace Computer Science and Coding in One Big Fat Notebook


    From the editors of Brain Quest, America’s #1 educational bestseller!

    This Big Fat Notebook makes it all “sink in” with key concepts, mnemonic devices, definitions, diagrams, and doodles to help you understand computer science.


    • Computing systems
    • Binary code
    • Algorithms
    • Computational thinking
    • Loops, events, and procedures
    • Programming in Scratch and Python
    • Boolean Expressions
    • Web development
    • Cybersecurity
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • …and more!

    The Big Fat Notebook series is built on a simple and irresistible conceit–borrowing the notes from the smartest kid in class. Each book in the series meets Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and state history standards, and are vetted by National and State Teacher of the Year Award-winning teachers. They make learning fun and are the perfect next step for every kid who grew up on Brain Quest.

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  • -65% From An Idea To Google1 cover page

    From An Idea To Google


    Today, Google is the number one internet search engine and the most visited website in the world. But a long time ago, two college friends, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, started out with just an idea. Find out more about Google’s history, the business, and the brand in this illustrated nonfiction book! Find out where the name “Google” came from.

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  • How To Be A Genius1 cover page

    How To Be A Genius


    Use your eyes, ears, and imagination to explore your amazing mind and sharpen your wits. Want to paint like a prodigy, experiment like a scientist, or even invent the next new technology? Put your grey matter to the brain-training test and see how you measure up to some of the greatest thinkers in history. Tackle brain-boggling puzzles, games, and optical illusions and discover what makes your brain work: from why you smile to what is going on inside your head and what side of your brain does what.

    Learn about neurons, how memory works and how to boost your creativity. This book makes a complex subject fun, accessible and exciting, and is perfect for any child, whether they are intent on becoming a genius or just want to have fun with clever activities at home, on a journey or in school. Encourage your child to seas the day!

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  • Killer Energy1 cover page

    Killer Energy


    Horrible Science: Killer Energy is full of the most gory, crazy and extra horrible facts about killer energy! Find out all the gruesome details of why space loos spray out frozen pee and which chilling chemical can preserve pets! Redesigned in a bold, funky new look and illustrated by Tony De Saulles for the next generation of Horrible Science fans.

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  • Making YouTube Videos1 cover page

    Making YouTube Videos


    Everything kids need to create and star in their own video!

    YouTube has won the hearts, minds, and eyes of kids around the globe. Young people everywhere are making their mark on this popular platform―some of them even gaining massive followings, worldwide recognition, and the paychecks that come along with it. While lots of youngsters are happy to be spectators, others are hungry to create and star in YouTube content of their own―and this book shows them how.

    Written for kids in a language they can understand, this book helps budding filmmakers and producers create their own videos―no matter the subject. It offers creators the insight on how to plan and shoot quality videos, install and use video editing tools, and post the final product to YouTube.

    • Apply tricks that pro filmmakers use for better shots, lighting, and sound

    • Edit your video, add transitions, insert a soundtrack, and spice things up with effects

    • Shoot and share your video gaming exploits
    • Share finished videos with family, friends, and the world

    For any kid interested in joining the YouTube revolution, this book is the perfect place to start!

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  • Minecraft Annual 2022 Hardcover – 15 September 2021

    Minecraft Annual 2022


    The Official Minecraft Annual 2022 Is Packed With Activities, Build Ideas And Survival Challenges To Try Out In-Game. The Official Minecraft Annual 2021 Is Packed With Activities, Build Ideas And Survival Challenges To Try Out In-Game.Featuring All The Latest News In The World Of Minecraft, The Official Minecraft Annual Is A Must Have For All Minecraft Fans. Discover The Latest Updates And The Newest Games, Including Features On The Cliffs And Caves Update, Minecraft Dungeons And Minecraft Earth.

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  • stephen hawking1 cover page

    Stephen Hawking


    From the critically acclaimed Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the life of Stephen Hawking, the genius physicist and author. When Stephen Hawking was a little boy, he used to stare up at the stars and wonder about the universe. Although he was never top of the class, his curiosity took him to the best universities in England: Oxford and Cambridge. It also led him to make one of the biggest scientific discoveries of the 20th century: Hawking radiation. This moving book features stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the brilliant physicist’s life. Little People, BIG DREAMS is a bestselling series of books and educational games that explore the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream. This empowering series offers inspiring messages to children of all ages, in a range of formats. The board books are told in simple sentences, perfect for reading aloud to babies and toddlers. The hardback versions present expanded stories for beginning readers. Boxed gift sets allow you to collect a selection of the books by theme. Paper dolls, learning cards, matching games and other fun learning tools provide even more ways to make the lives of these role models accessible to children. Inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world with Little People, BIG DREAMS!

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  • The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book: Boil Ice, Float Water, Measure Gravity-Challenge the World Around You! Paperback – Illustrated, 1 October 2001

    The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book


    With The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book, all you need to do is gather a few household items and you can recreate dozens of mind-blowing, kid-tested science experiments. High school science teacher Tom Robinson shows you how to expand your scientific horizons from biology, chemistry, physics, technology, and engineering―to outer space.

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  • Unofficial Roblox Annual 2023: Brand-new gaming annual for 2022 – perfect for kids obsessed with video games! Hardcover – 1 September 2022

    Unofficial Roblox Annual 2023


    Relive the past year on the most popular online gaming platform in the world!

    Discover everything there is to know about the newest blockbuster games, the latest updates and more in the 100% Unofficial Roblox Annual 2021. As well as guides to the most popular games, there are also tips on how to start making your own game and loads of exciting activities.

    With so much to do, this annual is bound to keep Roblox fans busy for hours on end.

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  • -61% What Is Climate Change1 cover page

    What Is Climate Change?


    The earth is definitely getting warmer. There’s no argument about that, but who or what is the cause? And why has climate change become a political issue? Are humans at fault? Is this just a natural development? While the vast majority of scientists who study the environment agree that humans play a large part in climate change, there is a counterargument. Author Gail Herman presents both sides of the debate in this fact-based, fair-minded, and well-researched book that looks at the subject from many perspectives, including scientific, social, and political.

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