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  • Faber-Castell Modelling Clay 500gm 10 Colors X 50gm In A Plastic Bucket, 120841, Multi Color

    Faber-Castell Modelling Clay


    Bright colours make it even more appealing keeping your little ones engaged for long periods

    Enhances kids imagination, creativity and learning ability

    Easy to shape and made from non-toxic materials

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    Fawn Colored Clay


    Children Memorable Toys

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  • Haawooky Air Dry Clay

    Haawooky Air Dry Clay


    Fine in quality and Exquisite in color, smooth feel, non stick, ultra light and resilient, easy to handle. when it dries and hardens clay stays lightweight, the magic clay takes 24 hours to fully harden.

    Shape and once cool can be sanded, drilled, carved and finished with super modeling clay mania.

    This clay can’t be baked in the oven,need air dry and please sealed presevation othewise clay will dry up.

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  • Hasbro Clay Playset

    Hasbro Clay Playset


    Curly, crinkly, shoestring or pretend veggie – all Play-Doh fries are welcome in the world of Play-Doh Kitchen Creations! The toy fry maker has 2 different attachments to twist and twirl Play-Doh compound into either spiral or wavy fry shapes, and you can even see the colors as they spiral through the clear machine. Squeeze pretend straight-cut French fries with the to-go box, cut silly crinkle fries with the knife, and stamp Play-Doh waffle fries with the mold. Next, it’s time to decorate your creations with fun pretend toppings! Squeeze pretend ketchup or hot sauce with the red Play-Doh Drizzle bottle and sprinkle pretend salt or herbs on top with the grinder. Make it a combo order with a Play-Doh hot dog to put on the plastic bun. This play food set for kids 3 years and up also comes with 5 Play-Doh colors to give you plenty of Play-Doh modeling compound to get started.

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  • -21% jovi Air Hardening Clay5

    Jovi Air Hardening Clay

    Original price was: د.إ17.00.Current price is: د.إ13.50.

    Dries in the air (24 hours). Does not need firing in a kiln.It has a fresh, pleasant feel.It is easy to work with and more clay can be added while it is being moulded.
    It can be painted with plastic paint, varnished, sanded down, sliced, rolled and cut.Ready-to-use wet clay-based dough for modelling. In order to avoid it drying out, store in an airtight container. Doesn’t stick to your hands.

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  • Jovi Plastilina Modelling Clay

    Jovi Plastilina Modelling Clay


    Vegetable-based modeling clay that does not harden and is reusable. It has excellent detail. Highly malleable, smooth texture is ideal for young artists, impersonations, and animation. Reusable clay that does not dry out.

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  • Kiddy Clay Modelling Clay Set Bucket

    Kiddy Clay Modeling Clay Set Bucket


    Precisely engineered to render a superior level of service
    Sprucely crafted to offer a higher level of functionality and efficiency
    Constructed of superior grade material that proffers immense usage

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  • Kiddy Clay Modelling Clay

    Kiddy Clay Modelling Clay


    Great plasticity and consistency maintain the form without deformation
    Features firm and very moldable texture
    Natural clay is suitable for children to use and is made with high-quality materials

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  • Mini Clay World Cute Cafe

    Mini Clay World: Cute Cafe


    Following on from the popular Mini Clay World: Pet Truck, you can open up your own adorable Mini Clay World: Cute Cafe with this fabulous book and activity kit by Klutz. Make clay beverages and treats for your cafe with the adorably small custom mini waffle maker and utensils included! The kit also comes with a tiny display case so you can advertise your treats for customers however you want.

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  • -46% Play Doh Modeling Compound5

    Play Doh Modeling Compound

    Original price was: د.إ46.51.Current price is: د.إ25.32.

    Kids Can Get Creative With Just The Right Colors They Need In This Play-Doh 10-Pack Of 2-Ounce Cans! Shape, Squish, Mix, And Make It All.  Squishy, Bright, Non-Toxic Play-Doh Compound Sparks Imaginations For Kids 2 And Up Who Love Arts And Crafts Like Modeling Clay.

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  • -49% Play-Doh Sparkle Compound6

    Play-Doh Sparkle Compound

    Original price was: د.إ59.78.Current price is: د.إ30.26.

    This Play-Doh 6-pack features Play-Doh Sparkle compound mixed with lots of glitter, plus 2 cutters to make butterflies and stars.  These colors are fun to use on their own for arts and crafts for kids, and they make a great add-on to any Play-Doh playset or toolset.


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  • Win Plus Modeling Clay Alphabet

    Win Plus Modeling Clay+Alphabet


    Bright colours make it even more appealing keeping your little ones engaged for long periods
    Enhances kids imagination, creativity and learning ability.

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