Desk Lamp with Clamp


The light source (RA>90) offers fully diffused lighting and a comfortable light without flickering, ghost-freeze. Integrated high quality LED is designed to put less stress on your eyes. EppieBasic office desk lamp illuminates the entire desk workbench evenly, ideal for a multi-monitor workstation, architect desk, large desktop for home office.

The led lamp comes with 3-Axis foldable & rotatable swing arms, you can freely adjust the light direction, angles, length, positions to achieve the perfect lighting for any activity according to your personal need. And advanced wide dual led heads available for multitasking, working, drawing, sewing, crafting, reading, study. The sturdy metal clamp is easy to setup and will fit to any desk of to 2.5-inch wide. The led desk light wide clamp and hidden cabling design provides a completely free surface.


Brand               EppieBasic
Colour              Black
Material           Metal
Lamp type      Light Emitting Diode