Generic Tattoos Stickers


One of the most popular party themes for children, make the best party gifts for your children & Carnival gifts, help your children become small heroes at the party! Bring nonstop joy to the whole party! Do you think your gifts are too monotonous If so, we can help you! Cute and lively temporary tattoo’s element can be used for laptops, backpacks, desks, suitcases, books, water cups and other things you can see everywhere to bring you visual enjoyment.

Cut out the desired motif, rub the back of the tattoo with a damp cloth or sponge for 30 seconds. Simply soak the tattoo with baby oil or olive oil alcohol and remove the tattoo after a few minutes. .Should not be used for children under 3 years old, people with a history of sensitive skin, and if any symptoms appear, stop using immediately.


Brand                          Generic
Number of pieces   8
Age                             3+