GrabMantra Wooden Bead Spinner


With this wooden bead spinner, can connect these small beads together into a beading string quickly through the high-speed rotation of the bead stringer, the useful tool can be applied for beads of small sizes, conveniently and efficiently finish your bead threading tasks, be ideal for craftsmen. The complete bead stringer is approx. 18 cm/ 7.1 inches in height and 9.5 cm/ 3.7 inches in width, the beading needles measure approximately 15.5 cm/ 6.1 inches in total length, with a hole respectively at the tail and the head, which is convenient for different use.Pinhole size is relatively small, suitable for small beads within 3mm.
package comes with 1 piece bead stringer and 2 pieces beading needles, the upper part of the bead stringer is rotatable and the lower part is fixed, which is convenient to use. our bead stringer is made of natural wood material, with comfortable wood texture and beautiful finish, strong and durable, the outer layer is well polished, smooth without burrs, the whole outlook shows a kind of rustic and elegant feeling.


Brand             GrabMantra
Material         Wood