Kastwave Stickers


500 sheets 1 Roll + 20 Sheets 1390 Pcs Happy Face Stickers and Smiling Star Stickers, suitable for motivating children in school, as event or holiday decoration or brochure, gift envelope packaging. The animal sticker pattern covers cats, dogs, pandas, polar bears, water set, rabbits, and many other animals. Each sticker has a different encouragement language, and the teacher gives each child a customized encouragement and blessing.The material is PVC, safe and non-toxic. Easy to remove. Made from high quality self-adhesive stickers.
These stickers are very simple to use, so you can easily tear them off and paste them wherever you want, and use your fingers to make them fit the surface; the stickers are very stable and tear off Will not leave a trace. These stickers can be used as class prize stickers to commend students for their efforts in class activities or initiative outside of class; they can also be shared as gifts to your family or friends.



Brand                            KASTWAVE
Material                       Polyvinyl Chloride
Installation type       Self-Adhesive