Ohuhu Marker Pads Art Sketchbook


Why limit yourself when you could be using a better-sized surface to draw on! You’ll feel the freedom with the Ohuhu Marker Pad. You can tear off the paper, let your inspirations run wild on a single piece of paper (6.36.3inch) and post your masterpieces on Instagram, Facebook and more!

This paper has a smooth, flat surface that prevents bleeding, smudging and feathering for clean artwork. It is a great choice sketchbook for most of DRY art medias. From alcohol markers to solvent markers, from colored pencils to charcoal, from pastels to inks, and more!

Each sheet of this marker pad features a double sided texture, offering up 60 pages total to explore your professional or beginner creativity.Carry your sheets wherever you go, from traveling to class or wherever.


Brand              Ohuhu
Colour             White
Material           Paper
Paper finish    Smooth
Sheet count    30