Twinkling Round Fire Glass Stones


Made with high-quality glass,not easy to fade,degrade,melt,or lose luster. they can provide shiny color characteristics and make your handicrafts and crafts project look more gorgeous.  Made of selected high-tempered glass,which can be beared extreme terperatures of can be widely use on fire pit and fire place with gas fuel.

These glass pebbles are non-toxic, non-radioactive and completely harmless for use. These special glass gems piece are suitable for all kinds of decorations on indoor and outdoor with ideal color addition. Such as home and garden, flower pot,plant beds,fish tank and aquarium,resin art project,handicrafts,epoxy decorative,geode artwork,wedding decorations,vase filler decor,candle holder decoration,etc.


Brand             TWINKLING
Material         Resin
Shape            Oval