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20 Weird School Rules


Australia school banned cartwheels

In a Sydney school, children were not permitted to perform cartwheels without the direct supervision of a trained gymnastics instructor.


In China, older kids are allowed a thirty minute naps

While it’s not uncommon for Kindergarteners to take quick naps, in China, they allow for older students to take thirty-minute naps. Studies have shown a short nap can improve memory and performance in school.


Dodgeball banned in schools

Schools in New Hampshire have banned dodgeball and other “human target” sports, pointing to bullying and violence as main reasons.


Nebraska schools tell teachers to call kids “Purple Penguins”

In an attempt to be gender inclusive, Nebraska schools required teachers not to call their students “boys” and “girls,” but “Purple Penguins” or other gender-neutral names that include everyone.

If you think this is over the top, wait until you see number 2!


New Jersey school banned bikes

Despite the health benefits of kids riding their bikes to school, New Jersey schools banned bikes, citing safety and liability issues.


Pennsylvania school banned Ugg boots

Though it may seem like a style ban at first, the Pennsylvania schools banned Ugg boots because girls were smuggling banned cell phones in them.


High fives and hugs are not allowed

A California junior high school principal banned all high fives and hugs despite an uproar from students. She said students should keep their hands to themselves.


Frisco, TX school bans Christmas

Nicholas Elementary School in Frisco, TX has banned Christmas and any other religious holiday. They specifically noted no Christmas trees or the colors red and green at their winter party. The reason? to avoid offending anyone.


In France, ketchup isn’t allowed in school.

In an effort to protect their culture from becoming “too American,” French schools banned ketchup from being put on any food except french fries.


In the UK, best friends are banned

Wanting to encourage children to play in larger groups, schools in the UK have banned “best friends,” hoping it would protect children from the trauma of having break ups with close friends.


Japan schools ban good luck bracelets

Japan schools only allow one good luck bracelet, anything greater than that is considered cheating. Apparently, there is such a thing as too much good luck.


School restricts bathroom breaks to three times a week

A New York school teacher limited her student’s bathroom breaks to three times a week, handing out coupons they can use. They get three minutes, and if they lose the coupons, then they’re going to have to hold it for quite a while.


School bans showing collarbones

Stephanie Hughes, a high school student in Kentucky, was sent home for violating the dress code and showing her collarbone. Supposedly, the school doesn’t want girls distracting the male students.


Teachers in UK can’t use red ink to grade papers

Stating the color red is too negative, teachers in UK are banned from using it to grade their papers and must use a more calming color instead.


A school bans LOL in yearbooks

A school in Georgia banned acronyms like “LOL” and asked students to sign a pledge saying they would respect their yearbooks and not write in them with those kinds of words.


Toronto school banned balls

After a parent received a concussion from being hit in the head with a ball, a Toronto principal banned hard balls, saying that they are too dangerous.


School bans running at recess

For kids, running and playing at recess is a necessity after sitting in a classroom for a long time. Unfortunately for kids at an unnamed school, a “no running policy” had been put in place. While the school’s reason is to keep the kids safe, this rule has to be one of the top 10 dumbest school rules ever.


ISIS schools require gender segregation

While Iraq is under ISIS control, the University of Mosul has been ordered to have gender segregation. They’ve also imposed severe changes to the curriculum, imposing Sharia Law and removing all hints of Iraqi nationalism and culture.


Students banned from announcing college acceptance

In an effort to protect their students’ feelings, several prep schools in New York have banned students from announcing whether or not they’ve been accepted into college.


Winning banned at schools

Speaking of not hurting anyone’s feelings, a new study shows that two out of three schools in the UK are rewarding all students rather than handing out awards to the students who actually win at something.