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Your Drawing Can Be Turned Into A Real Soft Toy!

Kids make adorable drawings and parents often love to display those drawings and most of the times, that’s about it. But did you know that there is a chance that your kid’s drawing could actually be turned into a soft toy?

Llama, Candy, Brown bear, Globe man, Eggplant car and Ladybug mouse – all these toys are designed by kids and available on SAGOSKATT! They are all designed by kids participating in their yearly drawing competition. they have received over 71.000 extraordinary contributions from all over the world, six of them turned into huggable soft toys that sold globally. The full purchase price is donated to local initiatives supporting children right to play, develop and have fun.

Unique soft toys with a purpose

A bear that loves riding on a dog and an eggplant car that scares away intruders from underneath your bed. We’re all dazzled by the creativity among our youngest and most playful designers. This is how they describe their unique creations in their own words:

“My Halloween-themed terrifying car likes to lie under my bed and scare intruders away. You can have fun too when you see how my car frightens the enemies.” Ayaan, 8 years old.

So if you think your child can draw a cuddly soft toy, then don’t be late! All children up to the age of 12 are welcome to join.