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Delhi Private School students develop App for KHDA

Students at Delhi Private School, Dubai developed Locus App  that aimed to boost efficiency at school, helping the KHDA inspectors and staff in navigating through the massive school building.

Aadvait Hirde who is a student at the school and a team member who developed the Locus app, says “We set up a network of 37 QR codes across each block, one present at the entrance of each staircase. These codes, upon scanning and the desired destination being entered, find out the exact user location following which an AR and minimap line is rendered to the navigation target. This in turn enables indoor pathfinding on the campus.”

He adds, “This app was created by my colleague Aditya Kamat as well. This app proved to be one of the biggest boons during the KHDA inspections as it promptly guided the inspectors to smoothly transit from one block to another. This app provides them with the route and specific directions to reach their destination.”

COP app

Similarly, Classroom Operation and Punctuality or COP is a teacher punctuality tracking app. The app which functions as an auditing system monitors if a teacher is punctual and adheres to the best teaching practices in the classroom. An instantaneous report is sent to the respective supervisor in case of any anomaly.

The app, which was initially developed by Amey Deotale, an alumnus of DPSD was later improvised and added multiple features to the app.

In another innovation led by the school is DPSD Hub (website) which is a digital repository that consolidates details about all past and upcoming events and provides students with direct access to this information.


Avi Srivastava one of the team members of the DPSDHub opines, “Students can sign up on using their email address. Upon logging in, students can register for ongoing events at the click of a button and gain instant access to the respective chat groups. They can communicate with House Captains and prefects and not miss out on the selections and events posted on House Clubs. They can also access a forum that bridges the gap between the members of all grades, as they share their thoughts on matters pertaining to the school and culturally relevant topics.

During the inspection, the website that was also created by Jaiaakash Gopalakrishnan, Samruddh Om Bahanwal, and Dhruv Mohanty enabled the overall operational efficiency of the school, considerably reducing time, effort and materials required to get things done.

He adds, “The website also allows students to reserve selected food items before they run out at the canteen and book a cybercafé slot in the CS lab. Students can also gain exclusive playground access through a points system that rewards the most active members. The DPSD Hub eliminates the hassles of council members going to various classes to recruit for upcoming events. It also mitigates the information overload on saturated event-related WhatsApp groups and deems a single website as the hub for ‘all things DPS Dubai’.”

The school’s Principal and Director, Rashmi Nandkeolyar commented on the innovative quotient of the students, “We are delighted at the innovation and learning of our students, who not only feel a deep sense of belonging to our school, but are committed to a life-long journey to make a difference in the world by disruptive thinking.”