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Emirates School Establishment Approves Dual-Exam Model for Public School Students

The Emirates School Establishment (ESE) has approved the use of paper-based and electronic (multiple-choice) tests to evaluate pupils in public schools, starting from the current semester. The decision covers students in grades 3-12 of all tracks and includes subjects such as Arabic, English, Mathematics, Physics, and Science. The ESE aims to improve the quality of educational outcomes and enhance students’ creative and academic skills by adopting this model.

As part of the trial, the ESE will conduct a paper-based and electronic dual-exam for students from February 27 to March 3, 2023. The new testing model is in line with the establishment’s efforts to improve educational outcomes and provide students with the necessary support for their educational journey.

Over the recent months, the ESE has coordinated with representatives from the educational field and teachers to discuss the positive impact of paper-based and electronic exams on students’ journeys and their acquisition of knowledge. The approved model will contribute to developing students’ skills in several areas, including scientific analysis, critical and creative thinking, and supporting students to improve their performance and grades by analyzing all the answers provided—not just confining test results to the final answer only.

The new model will also contribute to measuring students’ skills and providing accurate data regarding their levels, in addition to maximizing their abilities in language by allowing them to express themselves in writing. The ESE has confirmed that the paper-based and online exams will only apply to the aforementioned subjects, while the online tests will apply to the rest of the subjects.