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Google Family Link app roles out new child movement alert features

Google’s Family Link app is a very useful app for parents to control their children’s activities on phones. In the latest update, Google has introduced new value-added security features with improved tracking capabilities. The most popular features such as screen time limits and blocking and approving apps to the forefront for easy access.

Also, a central place has been created for viewing requests and notifications sent from children.

Furthermore, there is a special ‘Today only’ feature wherein kids can seek their parent’s permission to increase screen time or approve app installation or view a certain website. The feature will override the general screen time limit settings for that particular day only.

Now, the Controls tab enables parents to supervise with the ability to set screen time limits for each device or for specific apps, set content restrictions, and manage app data permissions, Google said.

And, with the new Location tab, parents get a full view of the map with children’s location in a single frame on the phone. Also, Google has added valuable information such as the battery life of their kids’ phones and the ability to ring the child’s device to find it – for instance, when it gets misplaced within the home like between the couch cushions.

Most importantly, parents can turn on notifications to be alerted when their child arrives at or leaves a specific destination like school or from a private cricket practice ground.

And, lastly, Google Family Links gets a new The Highlights tab. As the name suggests, parents will get to see a snapshot of the child’s app usage, screen time, and recently installed apps all in one frame on the phone. This way, users can understand how the child has been using the device