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New Programme offers Students a Second chance to pass the first semester

The Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) has announced the launch of a support and empowerment programme for public school students who did not perform well or obtain a passing grade in their end of first term exams. This is in accordance with the terms and criteria prepared by the establishment’s teams.

Eng. Mohammed Al Qassim, director general of the ESE, said the support and empowerment programme for students aims to give students a second chance to pass the first semester.

He explained that the programme will be applied to pupils from grade 3 to grade 12.

Students in the first and second cycles who obtained a total grade of less than 50 per cent in their exams will join the programme. Also, students in the third cycle who obtained a total grade of less than 60 per cent can benefit from the programme, which is scheduled to be rolled out on January 23 until February 3.

Al Qasim stressed that the results of the students’ evaluation during the first semester are an indicator to identify the students’ level in order to provide them with the necessary support, improve their educational and knowledge level, and develop the necessary plans to improve their academic performance.

He highlighted the primary role of parents in following up their children’s performance in schools to achieve the desired grades in the various stages of their educational career by communicating with school administrators and teachers to learn about the academic and cognitive progress of their children. “This is because of its great role in developing and improving students’ academic level and its impact on supporting the national educational system and achieving its objectives,” said Al Qasim.

The ESE has also emphasised the need for students to adhere to their school hours and to attend all classes so as to benefit from all the educational programs offered to them during the academic year, in terms of science, knowledge and various activities, because of their positive impact on their educational path.

The ESE had on Monday, January 9 announced the results of the exams for secondary school students for public and private schools following the ministerial curriculum, including grades from 9 to 12.

The results of grades 5 to 8 students were announced on Tuesday, January 10 while the results of grades 1 to 4 were announced on Wednesday January 11.

The ESE declared that it provided a number of official channels to enable the student to obtain the results of the end of the first term exams.

Authorities said that the mark (-) which may appear on the certificate means that the student did not obtain a passing grade, and they are required to join the summer classes and will also have a repeat exam in the subject.

As for the grade (F), it means that the student did not obtain the minimum final grade, and the student is not required to join the summer semesters or take the re-examination for this subject.

The mark (**) means that there are unaccredited marks and the student must file the case to technical support via e-mail, while the mark (E) means that the student is not required to join the summer classes or re-examination.