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Sony plans to release PS5 Pro with liquid cooling in April 2023


According to a source, Sony is reportedly preparing to unveil a new console, the PS5 Pro, which is said to have a new design and may be released in the near future.

According to an anonymous source cited by Abhishek Yadav, a known insider, Sony may be planning to release a new PS5 Pro model as early as April 2023, approximately 2.5 years after the launch of the current model. The source claims that this will be a Pro version rather than a Slim variant, and that it may feature improved performance and a new chip from AMD. However, at this time, it is unclear what level of power the new console will have.

According to the source, the primary innovation of the PS5 Pro version would be in the cooling system, in addition to improved performance. The current PS5 uses a fan and liquid metal compound for cooling which has been causing some issues. The new version is rumored to use liquid cooling, similar to that found in gaming PCs, which could improve heat management and prevent the console from overheating if the chip is more powerful. However, it’s not clear if this change in cooling will also result in a design change.