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UAE schools adopt latest technology to combat ChatGPT cheating

UAE schools are exploring new technologies to prevent students from using AI programs such as ChatGPT to cheat. While many educators believe that embracing AI is the way forward, they stress that pupils should not be allowed to use it to avoid work. To tackle the issue, schools are implementing tools like Zero GPT that can detect whether a text has been generated by a human or by AI programs like ChatGPT or Google Bard. Educators are also exploring the development of applications and systems that can identify AI-generated written works through their uniform language patterns.

Some schools have chosen to restrict access to ChatGPT, but others believe that simply banning it is not the solution. Instead, they are focusing on educating pupils on responsible digital citizenship and online safety. Schools are also finding ways to modify assignments and questioning methods to prevent students from using AI tools. Additionally, educators are exploring ways to leverage ChatGPT to reduce their workload and create lesson plans in a more streamlined fashion.

While ChatGPT is widely available in the public domain, censoring or restricting its use is not practical. Hence, schools are educating and empowering students and staff to use the technology responsibly. Several professional development sessions have been organized for teachers on the topic of ChatGPT, including its potential benefits and how to detect its use in academic work. The ultimate goal is to find the right leverage and balance between using AI for educational purposes and preventing its misuse for academic dishonesty.