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Young Arabic Readers can now enjoy Iconic Geronimo series

Thousand Wonders of Italy, the latest book in the Geronimo series has been printed in major languages of the world including Arabic alongside the versions in Italian, French, Spanish and English. The most recent translations are in Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese and Ukrainian. This move helps young arabic readers to enjoy the book too.

Outlining the reasons why Geronimo Stilton resonated so much with children across the world, Elisabetta Dami, creator of the popular children’s storybook series Geronimo Stilton explained that’s its ethics appealed to all.

“The reason why Geronimo Stilton is loved all over the world by children is that its values are universal and will help children become better adults,” said Elisabetta Dami, while speaking at the at the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair.

It’s said this volume will also be distributed in schools and libraries across 15 countries in the North African and Middle Eastern region.

In a discussion with Ida Zilio-Grandi, director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi, the Italian children’s writer analysed the success of the bold mouse journalist Geronimo at a talk titled, ‘Wonders of Italy’.